President’s Message

Robin Helner-Reich

Robin Helner-Reich, President

We read and hear about the challenges to Judaism around the globe; at times they seem overwhelming and unsolvable. We ask what can we do? How can we make a difference – and we may conclude that there is just no way, but we are wrong to think that. Our responsibility – our challenge – is to preserve and nurture Judaism in this place.  Act locally as we think globally. There’s a saying from Pirkei Avot …’ It is not up to you to finish the task, but you are not free to avoid it”.

Let’s speak of how we will achieve our goals and guarantee our ability to remain in this place as Jews by thinking globally, while we act locally.

If we speak positively and cause positive outcomes in our little piece of the world, then the ripple effects will affect the larger world around us, and we just might change the world!

Give the Mastic Beach Hebrew Center a chance! We are a liberal reform congregation  welcoming all Jewish and interfaith families who desire a relaxed, spiritual experience.  We offer life-long relationships and a caring temple family ever since our founding in 1937.

You bring welcome new ideas on how to approach old tasks at our temple. Everyone brings the gift of their friendship, and their perspective.

We pride ourselves on  hosting very family friendly and welcoming services each Friday evening at 7:30pm with  Cantor Dr. Harris Cohen  as our spiritual leader. You are welcome to contact any of us to discuss questions and concerns.

I’m challenging YOU  to claim your place in the MBHC community … Everyone brings their valuable perspective.

AS Jews, a family by choice, traveling through lifes ups and downs, as friends and supporters of each other, working towards common goals, brings us together and makes us family.

Please choose to try out this quirky group that I am proud to call my family by choice!

Temple Calendar

Need a room for a party, business meeting, or organization gathering at a reasonable rate? Our social hall is handicapped accessible, seats 85 people, and has a full kitchen. Call 631-281-8282 for more information and to schedule.

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